My Vision

I am a "peace fighter".

I fight for my clients – in court, in hard negotiations and in mediation, with all the strength to achieve a peaceful life in the future.

As a family- lawyer I often find myself defending myself and apologizing for being involved in divorce-law, which many (and rightly so) regard as an emotional and stressful. But for me, the encounter between the legal world and the emotional world is a professional challenge and an opportunity to use rational and emotional abilities with respect and responsibility for the lives of my clients.

Of course, this does not reduce the difficulty of dealing with confused, agitated customers, who have difficulty accommodating the emotional roller coaster of divorce. For they have a long and tortuous path that requires adjustment, concessions and coping with unexpected difficulties.

Divorce is a life-disrupting event that causes emotional and psychological difficulties for all family members involved, but especially for children who experience it personally. This is a multi-crisis confrontation, which must be channeled wisely by physical, economic and mental resources.

Accepted studies advise us that legal proceedings that result in a judicial decision that exercises the coercive power of the state over the family are ineffective or beneficial to the family life, which continue after the judicial decision in a dynamic manner. All these, together with the understanding that the legal process has extremely negative consequences for all family members and the fabric of family relationships, led me (as many others) to the search for other ways of working, that is, ways to settle divorce disputes outside the court. Keeping that in mind I do everything possible to reach a reasonable agreement for my clients. Still, there are cases where you have go to court, so I believe in adapting the appropriate representation suit to my client. To this end, I continue to specialize, to study new and innovative methods of family dispute resolution, and to give my clients the best professional service available so that they can emerge from this crisis strengthened and not broken.


Michal Fein