Michal Fein

Michal Fein is a leading Family and Divorce lawyer in and a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1999.

Fein is also a mediator and a practicing collaborative divorce lawyer, known for her legal creativity, problem-solving approach and awareness for her clients’ wellbeing.

Fein is appointed by the Israeli courts as Custodian for Law & Estate Manager, and known in her ability to deal with complicated legal and human situations.  

Fein is a social activist dedicated to change the culture of divorce.

Fein is a member of NGO organizations such as the Association for Peaceful Divorce and the International ACADEMY OF COLLABORATIVE PRACTITIONERS (IACP).

She drafted a private bill for MK Merav Michaeli and MK Yariv Levin, led the legislation of the Family Disputes Settlement Law, and was later appointed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice as a public representative.

Fein is a sought-after lecturer in law faculties in Israel thanks to her rich experience and creative and groundbreaking thinking.

Michal Fein lives and works in Tel Aviv, married and mother of three children, loves art and jazz music.